November 17, 2022

Machine Learning models

Every day, each of us generates more and more data due to the large amount of technologies we use, such as smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. All this data is stored in databases and is an important source of information. However, without proper data processing and an effective analytical strategy, this mass of data would remain just a useless byte stack. And this is where Machine Learning comes in, which allows you to extract from this data the relevant and precise information.

Machine Learning is an area of artificial intelligence (AI) dedicated to algorithms that enables companies to acquire information and draw conclusions from large amounts of data. It is a consequence of the development of artificial intelligence and methods of its implementation. It is most used especially in innovative technologies and in industry.                                                                                                                                             

Machine Learning consists in the technological memorization of certain patterns and behaviors that the computer, the machine has already “experienced” in the past, and which allow the computer, the machine to perform the learning process in a situation where it has not been previously programmed for this purpose. Thanks to this, it is also possible to analyze new data and look for solutions that have proven themselves in other, previously known situations for the machine. Man does not have to deal with programming, because the machine independently selects information and works according to specific schemes.

Administration panel

Machine Learning aims to detect unknown regularities in data, create new concepts and formulate decision rules.  It also aims to modify, generalize and refine data and formulate information that is understandable to humans.   

The basis for success in creating Machine Learning models is a sufficiently large set of good quality data. Therefore, Big Data (a collection of produced and stored data) is an inseparable element of Machine Learning. The larger the set of processed data, the more accurate the information obtained will be.

The great advantage of machine learning is the ability to process huge amounts of data that the human brain is unable to process. Sectors that collect large amounts of data need a solution to process it and obtain information that enables decision-making. Predictive analysis of this data allows you to predict specific behaviors, situations, which is the main advantage of Machine Learning.

Available ML algorithms

Machine Learning consists of two parts. The first – the test stage – involves the development of a model based on a set of test data, also known as “observational data”. At this stage, the task to be performed is determined. The second part is creating a model. It can be optimized by providing new data. Some systems may continue the learning phase at the production stage, but in this case it is necessary to obtain feedback on the results, to continuously optimize the model and behavior of the machine.

Selection of parameters for processing

In the modern world, many applications of machine learning are possible, the key is the ability to properly use the available possibilities. Machine Learning is a technology that is constantly evolving and finding new practical applications. With a high degree of probability, it can be concluded that in the future every aspect of the technique will contain some implementation of machine learning algorithms.

Machine Learning technology is an extremely useful tool for companies because it allows them to derive valuable knowledge from the data generated as a result of their business, as well as from the data generated by their customers.

Notebook – advanced model creation

Due to the constantly growing amount of data in companies, more and more of them will have to implement Machine Learning technology to extract important elements from this mass of data and make better use of the information obtained. Machine Learning is not only the domain of programmers experienced in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Many companies start their adventure with machine learning, choosing ready-made solutions tailored to their needs and goals. Currently, many companies are working on the development of Machine Learning models and on supporting companies in this area. One of them is BFT24.COM, whose ecosystem is also support for companies in the process of signing, digitizing and managing documents.