Global User Conference 2022, Denmark, Billund, 3-4 X 2022

As part of finding partners and adapting the digital signature platform to new areas, we took part in october the QUALITY – Global User Conference 2022 – organized by QDA Solution in Billund, Denmark (

The conference was dedicated to solutions in the area of FMEA quality, SCP, i.e. broadly understood CAQ tools (comprehensive, computer-based quality support). This is an interesting area where the use of the BlockChain platform can increase credibility. This approach gives the opportunity to verify and increase credibility for new customers in the future.

The BFT24 platform can be used as an element to ensure the reliability of the control process and storage of control cards, by signing and cocoonizing them.

On the other hand, the use of the BFT24 platform is a perfect example in which it is possible to use to create complex machine learning models to verify the data that will be imported into the platform.

Another application is the ability to model using the metadocument module, the entire control process, from the moment of registration to the moment of reporting the defect and repairing the problem.

As you know, credibility is important everywhere, from the element in which the company implements the production cycle to the elements related to financial control.

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